Connector name


Would anyone know the name of that connector ?

They look like Molex or JST connectors, but not exactly...

Thanks for any help!

Can you measure the pin spacing? That's the critical dimension that will get you on the path to finding a match. It will be a round number in inches or metric: 0.1" or 2mm.

Finding replacements for connectors without knowing the part number is IME hopeless for all but the most common connectors.

JST and Molex are not types of connectors. They are companies - two of the largest players in the connector biz. They make hundreds of different incompatible connectors each - though you could be forgiven for thinking that "JST" or "Molex" are the names of a type of connector instead, since the hobby-focused vendors frequently refer to the connectors with just the manufacturer names (conveniently enough, resulting in customers having trouble getting matching connectors from a competitor). Meanwhile, the reputable vendors that give a full product name will sell you the crimp terminals and the housings and the recepticals separately, requiring you to crimp cables (which is time consuming and requires a special tool) as they typically do not sell assembled connectors with leads on them (like the hobby vendors do).

I have a drawer with examples of like a dozen different connector types similar to those pulled from electronics that look almost identical. Some of them I can only tell apart by attempting to plug in and finding that they don't quite fit. BTW - the way I pull them is 800F tip, glob solder on, and move the iron back and forth along the pins - takes em right out, I've done 12 pin connectors like that no problem, about 50-75% of them survive; the why I pull them is to get connectors that might match a mystery connector I encounter in the future. Of limited usefulness, though, since I don't know the part numbers, so I couldn't order more or anything!

Looks like Molex 5263-series connector.

Look here: Molex SPOX-connector.

// Per.

^ ditto..

looks like the same 4-pin molex connector that comes on any stock computer PSU..

^ ditto..

looks like the same 4-pin molex connector that comes on any stock computer PSU..

I do NOT agree on the "any stock computer PSU" - look again.

// Per.

No way is that a standard computer power connector.

The only thing it has in common is that it has 4 wires, and they're arranged in a straight line.

I wasn't able to find anything described by Molex 5263 that looked anything like that connector, btw.

Send a pic to Jim at Toby electronics.

Search their website first but their range is more extensive than shown on their website.

ahh.. yep! you guys are right! it is -not- a PC PSU connector. (sorry)..

is it like micro molex? Looks like a spin-off mini version of a molex power connector for PC's.

If in doubt..... remove (desolder) the connector from the board....and put own adapter on the board.

Maybe some variety of AMP Mate N Lok connector.

Is this just random trivia or does OP actually want to be useful with some more details, maybe what device it is, measurements, pics of other sides, etc.