Control with Arduino IoT Cloud Remote app not working

I did a simple test with an arduino nano33 IoT to controle 2 LED's with dashboard buttons.
Controlling the LED's on the dashboard on my PC is working fine.
But controlling LED's on the mobile "Arduino IoT Cloud Remote" app is not working.

When I change the button on the PC, this change is synchronised on the mobile app dashboard and LED status is changed.
But when I change the button on the mobile app dashboard, this is not synchronised on the PC and LED status is not changed.
Problem occurs on Apple IOS (version V1.0.7(33) and Android (version V1.0.7(33).

Is this a known problem? Please help.

I have the same problem with the ESP32 while controlling it over the dashboard.

Actually i am using Switch (to set pins), Value (to show analog values) and a slider (to controll the DA-Converter).
Everything is working on the PC.
On the mobil phone via Arduino IoT Clout Remote app everthing execpt the slider is working.
It shows "example data" in the bottom of the box. Does it mean, that it is not working yet?
Same thing, if i use a gauge.
I am using V1.0.7(33) for Android.

I'm seeing the same problems with a nano 33 iot. I am using a free account at this point.

Any ideas on how to fix?

I have exactly the same problem. What is the resolution?

Just to add, i'm using an ESP8266 and have the same issue.
I have an led and DHT22 hooked up, all working fine on desktop, in android app all tiles show example data however the temp and humidity are reading correctly.

The switch however does nothing, it does sync when changed in desktop but when switched in app it moves to on or off but has no affect on the led.

I just made a report on this issue to the Arduino Support.
Hope they can/will fix it soon :wink:

@gleijten We are aware of the issue. Our developers are working towards fixing it.

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I also have the same problem. i am looking forward a good news. thanks

We have updated the app, please install the latest version and let us know if the issue is resolved.

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Awesome, all works great now for me after the update.
Thanks to the developers for fixing it.

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Hi Chiedozie,

Thank you and the team a lot for fixing this issue so quickly.
Unfortunally I won't be able to test before next week (work is calling.... :wink: )
I'll let you know my results, but I allready saw good reactions from Mattsslug on the forum.

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Hi Chiedozie,

Tested my circuits again with app version V1.0.8(37) and all works fine now.
Thanks again for fixing .

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