Controling 220VAC Load using MOC3021 and TIC226D

Hello Folks.! I’ve just finished a simple circuit to control 220VAC loads using MOC3021 (to protect the arduino) and a TRIAC TIC226D. (Note: using TIC236D you can control more power devices, see TIC manual). TIC needs a heatsink to preserve it. It really works, so I want to share with all of you. Regards. Marcelo.

Hola Amigos. He terminado un circuito simple para controlar cargas de 220VAC utilizando un optoacoplador MOC3021 y un TRIAC TIC226D. (Nota: usando u TIC236D se puede controlar dispositivos de mayor potencia, ver manual TIC). TIC necesita de un disipador de calor que lo preserve. Realmente funciona, por eso quiero compartirlo con todos ustedes. Saludos. Marcelo.

It works but a much safer way is using solid state relays.

Your suggestion has mains voltage in close proximity to the low voltage and possibly in finger range. The opto needs to be enclosed in a safe area away from any possible contact.

SSR’s have a much larger separation between the low and high volts.