Controling 3leds(or more) by 2 buttons.

Hello , i m new to Arduino . I want to controll 3 leds by two buttons . So that if i push 1. button 1.led turns on . when i push 1.button again 1.led turns off and 2.led turns on. and if i push 1.button again 2.led turns off and 3.led turns on. and if i push 2.button it goes down 1 led so if 3.led is on and i push 2.button 2.led turns on and 3.led turns off.

Sorry i m not good in describeing.

I now how to wire up the arduino but i don t now how to code this .

Look at the state change example in the IDE. This allows you to count button presses.

Then you look at the count with a case statement and decide what LEDs to turn on and off at that count.

OK thank you i will try it .