Controller for 3-phase hybrid stepper motor

I was rummaging through a pile of flotsam and jetsam when I found this stepper motor:

Best I can tell, this is the data sheet:

I am a total novice around stepper motors. I want to attach it to the spindle crank on my drill press for use as a down feed motor when drilling and as an oscillator when using the drill press as a spindle sander. What do I need to make that happen?

BTW: I am all Apple and only have a Mac to program the controller. I have already downloaded the Arduino app for MacOS

I think that it's kind of a BLDC (BrushLess DC) motor. Search for a BLDC motor driver suitable for your motor (110V 5A).

Such modules can be controlled by a pot, by voltage or PWM, see the data sheets. For manual control a pot or voltage control is useful, or PWM or frequency for µC control.

It has "stepping motor" printed on the label.

Definitely a 3-phase stepping motor. Google search for "57bygh350".

What's the difference between such a stepper and a BLDC motor?
What's "hybrid" in this case?

None. The controllers and use cases are different.

Does that particular motor have the required step size and torque?

The document on the motor shows three windings with the ends connected to the adjacent winding. Just like a normal three-phase AC motor for Delta wiring.

I would try treating it as 4.1V 5.2A 3-phase unipolar stepper. Connect Blue, Orange, and Yellow to a 5V supply capable of 12A or more. Then you can use three PWM output pins and logic-level MOSFETs to power the three 'ground' wires (Red, Green, and White) in turn. Keeping the PWM values below 210 should keep the average power within the limits of the coils (driving the 4.1V coils with 5V but only 82% of the time).

That sounds simple enough. Is there an Arduino unit that will accomplish the switching?


An Arduino Mega timer can drive 3 phase motors by 3 output compare registers. Or you use one interrupt to update 3 output pins at the same time.

The AccelStepper library supports "FULL3WIRE" and "HALF3WIRE" modes.


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