Controlling 2 Dc motors, a servo and an ultrasonic sensor with an Arduino Nano


I'm new enough and am wondering if I can use an Arduino Nano to control two Dc motors, a servo and an ultrasonic sensor? (with the help of a breadboard of course) I want to build an obstacle avoidance robot with the Nano.

I have previously made an obstacle avoidance robot with an Uno and a motor shield with no servo. I want to try and cut down the cost of materials and make a robot with just the Arduino Nano.

Could someone give me some advice?

You will need a motor driver for the DC motors and a power source for the servo (other than the Nano). The ultrasonic should be OK using power from the Nano.... depending on what ultrasonic you are using.


There are motor driver shields for the Nano.

Check out this one also


It really depends on how big you want your robot to be.

Go to Ebay and type in "Arduino Chassis" and look at the different platforms and combinations that you can start with.

Another good place is The have serveral robot chassis that may give you ideas on what you would like to build.

As far as what the cheapest options are.... that will take research.