Controlling 240vAC safely- solved

Good news! The same people who gave us PowerSwitch Tail have produced a kit for a similar device to switch 240vAC devices on/off.

A more extended discussion of controlling household voltages...

Forgive my cross post to one other forum? As a former fire fighter, I have something of a bee in my bonnet about people using household voltages...

For an Arduino-specific How-To on controlling power, see:

And relays of the type pointed to in the article can be found here:

Disclaimer: Some of this stuff is from my own shop...

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Well they look a bit expensive for what they are (the power switch tail stuff) - despite that it’s pretty neat.

I will have a use for controlling AC 240V later in the year so I’m vaguely interested in this at the moment :smiley:

A little expensive compared to the cost of the components to "roll your own"... IF you have the skill and experience to roll your own SAFELY.

At under $20 to "do it right", I'm prepared to pay a premium to PowerSwitch for the work they've done "inventing" this "wheel", pulling together the bits needed, and making sure that things are safe.