Controlling 24VDC Motor with Arduino

Hello all,

I’m sure there are other questions like this one, so I apologize…

Basically I am trying to make a 24VDC motor move in one direction until a limit switch is hit, wait 5 seconds, and then reverse direction and wait 5 seconds (etc…). It’s an automated testing type circuit.

I tried following a tutorial from here for a back and forth type motor movement, but I failed to realize that the chip that this guys uses (the IXDI604) can’t handle the amount of current I need to provide to the circuit. I don’t have the exact specs, but I am measuring around 2.5A while it’s moving and 5A-6A from a cold start.

Basically I am contemplating switching to an Arduino control for this automated motor tester. My question though is what do I use to control the motor from the Arduino in both directions? An h-bridge? What’s an easy way to do this?


Yes, an H-bridge.
Can be transistors, can be relays, see attached.

Can be a single DPDT relay also, I’ll draw it up.

Awesome. I guess I should have read more of the forum, because I saw a similar answer here.

I feel awfully silly now since it seems pretty easy. :P I'll look up some relays I can buy that can handle it.

DPDT relay H-bridge

Simple DPDT relay setup.