Controlling 6 meanwell drivers

I hope that I am in the right place to ask these questions. I have never worked with the Arduino controllers.

I want to control the 6 meanwell LED drivers for an aquarium light. They will be connected as follows: Channel 1 - (2) ELN-60-48D - 12 LED's Each (12 Royal Blue LED's Each) Channel 2 - (2) ELN-60-48D - 8 LED's Each (3 White LED's Each) Channel 3 - (1) ELN-60-27D - 8 LED's (8 Cyan LED's) Channel 4 - (1) ELN-60-27D - 10 LED's (4 Royal Blue, 2 Deep Red, 2 Green & 2 UV) The meanwell LED Drivers work on a Zero to 10v dimmable circuit.

I want to be able to control each channel separately. Being able to ramp up and down on a 24 hour schedule.

Can anyone point me to a good build thread or give me a recommendation as to what all I will need to make this work.

Many thanks in advance.


If you include a link to the "ELN-60-48D" specification sheet (the bit that talks about voltage, current, control input and the like) and related items, then it is easier for folks here to answer.

So, from the work I put in googling for your device :( I get that you can use you average Arduino UNO, a Logic-MOSFET (that is a MOSFET that needs less then 5V on gate to go fully on) plus resistors to levelshift the Arduino 5V to the ELN-60's 10V control line. The rest is programming. I suggest a RTC (RealTimeClock) with a button battry, so it keeps time, even if you powercycle. Not that you need second accuracy, but the convinience that it does not start at "12:00-flashing" (You do not need a display, I was using it figurativly)