Controlling a water valve

Hi guys,

I want to use my Arduino to control a water valve that hooks directly to my house. I had this in mind

What can I use to power it? Could I just external batteries and then a relay type thing to turn it on and off?

First project and I am not exactly sure yet.

Thanks for all the help!

Hello and Welcome. To start, you'll have to find out how the valve is powered. I see that it requires 2 AA batteries so it seems that that would be the supply power. You'll also have to find out what turns the valve on. Once that information is available you can move on. - Scotty

Hi thebmwmoose, I am looking at doing the same thing. I will head this week end to stores (lowes, home depot, Canadian tire....) to look for a valve. From what I understand, you will need Arduino to act on a switch to turn on and off your valve. Arduino can send current to a transistor or a relay to make the connection possible. the relay or transistor will have to be part of the circuit for the valve: what i mean is the relay (id transistor) will have to be connected between you electrical source DC 12/24 (or batteries in this case) and the valve. I am exploring using transistors because they are cheaper to accomplish this.

I will keep you posted of my progress


You forgot to ask Google? - someone's used this (or a similar model) before and done the work for you:

There are lots of solenoid valves that will do what you want, you will need to sort out power and a relay or transistor, you could use a relay board / shield for arduino and not have to solder a thing.

This kind of thing would work: