Controlling Exercise Bike Resistance using Arduino

I recently was given an exercise bike that uses magnetic resistance by use of a motor that pulls a tension wire moving the magnet closer or farther away from the fly wheel which adjusts the resistance.

The control panel was damaged which is why they were giving it away.

I am new to arduino but have heard of what you can do with it and thought this might be the perfect project to dive in with. I have some programming knowledge but am still very much a beginner.

The controller basically would turn a moter clockwise or counter clockwise to raise or lower the resistance, it could read the motor position based on a potentiometer that turns with the motor.

Basically what I would like, is a arduiono hooked to this resistance control moter to allow me to raise and lower the resistance (Say between 1 - 10) with a couple buttons (raise / lower) and an LCD display to read what the resistance level is. It would need to do this within a "range" as to not break the tension wire / burn up the motor.

Potentiometer is using 3 wires, so guessing its dividing the voltage vs being a resistor. I also noticed there is no change in resistance even when motor is in different positions when reading on my digital multimeter. (is this expected?)

Is this something that is doable?

Thanks for the input!

The first thing you will need to do if figure out the specs of the motor. Does it run from the mains (120/240V)? Does it run at 24 DC or something else. How did the original control panel control it? How much current will it draw to move those magnets? Based on that, you can probably find a motor control shield that will do the job but without those specs, it is hard to say.

It’s a small 6v DC motor, not sure the current but the adapter for the bike is only rated at 300ma so not much.

The original control panel had 5 wires to the resistance control, 2 for the motor and 3 to the potentiometer.

Can you sketch out a schematic? 2 wires to the DC motor is just the power, 3 wires to the potentiometer are probably power/ground/signal but I have no idea about 5 wires to the resistance control

See attached, it is a total of 5 wires not in addition to the motor + potentiometer. Sorry for the confusion.