Controlling Large Motors With EC

Hi everybody!

I'm trying to run a large DC motor with an EC that is controlled by an Arduino. I have done it before, with the exact setup. Right now, though, It's not working. Whenever I run the code, the motor spins very slowly and makes weird noises, instead of just turning forwards. It kind of sounds like a 3d printer running.

If anyone has any advice on this, I'd really appreciate it!


EC? - Scotty

Sorry, a motor controller. We are using the HB-25 controller from parallax. We are using the servo library to run it.

Which motor? Datasheets or links for each piece of hardware you have is the way to communicate clearly what you have. Words like 'large' are meaningless.

Sorry for the lack of information! Thank you so much for your responses.

Here's the datasheet for the motor controller:

Here's the datasheet for the motor:

Also, I'm sorry, I forgot to mention: I am using a Ruggeduino, not an Arduino. Here's the closest thing to a datasheet that I could find:

Once again, thank you all!

133A stall current, max power is 1.2Nm at 2650rpm, so about 300W mechanical (800W electrical in)
max efficiency @ 0.33Nm 4600rpm (150W out, 240W in). Ahem, very optimistic ratings there, that
size of motor is probably good for 100W continuous or so.

I’d worry about the that 130A stall current with a controller rated for 35A surge.

What power source are you using? If its not a battery its likely to overload and cut out immediately
on a 130A load… The HB-25 could also be detecting over current and shutting down…