controlling motor with a multi channel servo controller

hello, i need to control 24 servos while having the ability to make them rotate forward and backward continuously from a computer i was wondering if these products would work. i was unsure if you have to modify something in order for the servos to rotate forward and backwards, and also do i need to hook the motor controller to an arduino or do i just hook it directly into the computer?

I'm new at this and would really appreciate the help.

If the servos are not designed for continuous rotation then they will need to be modified. This entails removing the potentiometer from the internal circuit board and replacing it with a couple resistors and also the removal of a stop (some kind of plastic nub) on the gears. Pretty straightforward stuff and lots of examples if you do a web search. Lots of different ways it can be done.

Commanding the servo to rotate is the same as if you were commanding it to turn to a certain position, except with the potentiometer gone the servo thinks it has to keep moving to reach that position. They will run in both directions.

Pololu’s Maestros will run from your PC, from an Arduino, or even standalone. In standalone operation they support a rudimentary basic-like language for simple scripting.

The servos you linked to have already been modified for continuous rotation service.

The controller you linked to is designed to interface with a PC USB host device.