Controlling RC Plane trough USB Joystick

Hi everyone! New here! New as in new to electronics, new yo Arduino and new to the community. I decided to learn Arduino with a specific goal in mind. I want to use Arduino as a control board to put up in an RC plane and fly it with video feedback trough my computer with my USB joystick. Problem is. I HAVE NO CLUE of what I'm doing or where to start.
Intuition from what I know tell me.. Use processing to interface USB controller to an Arduino (the transmitter) and then have that Arduino to send signal to the one on the plane? For video feedback I can go with a direct RF link.
How is this for a plan? As stated, I'm completely new to electronics and Arduino so I don't know if that is anything good. What is the best method to solidly transmit the control signal over two Arduinos with, let's say, a 1-2 km range in mind? Is this project doable at all? I thought of Arduino and processing because If I later want to develop a GUI with flight data I can do the opposite and have the RC plane Arduino send that back to the computer has feedback!
Please help this noob here! Thank you so much in advance.