Controlling servos on Xbee

Hi, I have two series 1 Xbee modules and an Arduino Uno with a Sparkfun Xbee shield. I want to control a servo using one of the I/0 pins on the Xbee (I/O pins 0 and 1 are already being used for other things.). I know how to configure them in X-CTU. What code would I use for this?
Thanks in advance.

You might want to try this page offsite, from Digi.. , It sends PWM output to an LED, which might be do-able to a servo, but remember, the output is going to be 3.3V, unless you feed it through a level converter..

I haven't read the entire page set, but I'm guessing the input is from a potentiometer connected to one of the analog inputs on the sender XBEE, then sends the output to one of the PWM lines on the receiver XBEE.