Couldn't find serial port when using arduino nano Mac OS Sierra

I tried for hours to make my brand new arduino nano to appear in the serial port list…

I’m using an original arduino nano with an FT232R ftdi chip on an macbook pro 2017 with mac os sierra 10.12.6.
When I use my arduino UNO it works perfektly fine. It appears in the serial port list and I can program it. But when I use the nano it doesn’t appear in the port list. But it appears under System/Hardware/USB as an FT232R.
Since the macbook pro 2017 only have USB-C ports I’m using a USB-c to USB-a adapter from ANKER USB-C Adapter

I checkt several forum post and articles but didn’t find a solution. :sob: I would be so glad if someone could help me. :smiley:

Hi! I have the same problem. Did you ever find a solution ..?