Create Agent doesn't seem to work with Brave

Howdy all

I'm on windows 10.

Like some I have been having problems related to COM ports when using the Create / Web editor. specifically, they weren't there when using Brave. It didn't make any difference which answer I gave to the "Will you be using Create Agent with browsers other than Chrome or Firefox?" question (can't recall the exact wording) when installing the Agent, even though Brave is heavily based on Chrome (as I understand it) and can use Chrome extensions. I tried all the tweaks to the Firewall and AV to allow Create Agent through but nothing changed.

I was reduced to downloading and running Chrome itself and the Create Editor loaded immediately! So however close to Chrome Brave is, it seems it can't support Create Agent.

I'm not sure I want to keep Chrome just for one url so it's back to the Arduino IDE for me (although UECIDE is starting to grow on me).