Create Agent doesn't seem to work with Brave

Howdy all

I'm on windows 10.

Like some I have been having problems related to COM ports when using the Create / Web editor. specifically, they weren't there when using Brave. It didn't make any difference which answer I gave to the "Will you be using Create Agent with browsers other than Chrome or Firefox?" question (can't recall the exact wording) when installing the Agent, even though Brave is heavily based on Chrome (as I understand it) and can use Chrome extensions. I tried all the tweaks to the Firewall and AV to allow Create Agent through but nothing changed.

I was reduced to downloading and running Chrome itself and the Create Editor loaded immediately! So however close to Chrome Brave is, it seems it can't support Create Agent.

I'm not sure I want to keep Chrome just for one url so it's back to the Arduino IDE for me (although UECIDE is starting to grow on me).



Have the exact same issue.

and when i was on the installation page it didn't detect that the agent was installed on brave, but as soon as i opened google chrome the web editor started working

You can try SRWare Iron SRWare Iron - The Browser of the Future, another secure browser like Brave.

Have same Issus on Brave and Linux

@Dozie - Are you saying you got create-agent to work on Iron? Because I couldn't, whether I answered yes or no to the Chrome / Firefox question. Same result as with Brave, the icon sits there looking white and sepulchral rather than green and healthy.

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Possible solution:

  • with the "Arduino Create Agent Plugin" install page open
  • click on the Brave shields icon in your URL bar (little red lion face)
  • set shields DOWN for this site. The lion face should turn gray.

That fixed it for me.

I've reported this to the Brave developers; hopefully they'll get it sorted so it works with shields UP soon. In the meantime, we'll have to trust Arduino. :slight_smile:

If you prefer to be as limited in your permissions as possible, turn on the Advanced view for the Brave shields and then only "Allow all trackers and ads" to enable the required connections. What this allows, which the agent requires, is connections to localhost on a port between 8990 and 9000. Looking through what the site connects to, I didn't see any external connections (non or localhost) to worry about, so this shouldn't be a big concern, even if you're being ultra cautious.

Good luck!


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