Create Agent is not working

Create Agent runs but remains white on my Windows-10 machine. I have uninstalled and re-installed several times including both 32 and 64 bit versions. The installation report successful every time. Nothing seems to work. I verified that the executable is listed in the Windows Defender Firewall list for both Private and Public networks. I have even tried turning of off the Fire Wall. Nothing! I am running Bit Defender virus protection, but this does not have a white listing except for what not to scan. Does not block. I've gone through the help documents but nothing I try works. Any ideas?



Ensure you have done the following steps:

  1. Try a new USB cable make sure its data capable and not a charging cable

  2. Try to avoid USB 3.0, since it has been found that it can cause some issues.

  3. Close any other IDE's eg. Web editor or Arduino IDE

  4. Clear the cache in your browser

  5. Refresh your browser

  6. Using either Chrome or Firefox would be ideal.

  7. Disable any firewall or antivirus that could potentially block the installation

  8. Blocked Pop-up window

  9. Sometimes the agent installation can be blocked by the firewall or antivirus software; in the latter case, you can try to add the agent to your Antivirus whitelist.

  10. Maker sure you have launch the create agent application

  11. Search for the App and click on it

  12. Select Go to Arduino Create

  13. Make sure you are using the Web Editor/IoT Cloud in the same browser the Create agent was installed

Does the Create Agent only turn green when it is connected to a compatible device?

The information that indicates the Arduino Create Agent's icon should be blue/green is outdated. The color was changed to white last year:

The color is white (black on MacOS in light mode) on all systems.

This is how the icon looks on Windows when the agent is running:
This is how it looks on Windows when the agent is paused:

So as long as it is white rather than gray, everything is well.

I should add that you won't be able to see the icons in my last reply if you have the forum configured in light mode because of the whiite background. You can see them here: