Custom board F103VC & Maple

Hello everyone!
I develop a custom board based at STM32 F103VCT6. Following project requirements I cannot use CubeMX-generated HAL, so my decision was to use stm32duino. Obviously I've started from a new variant for this board, please see it in attached.
I've double checked pins and overall structure of "/wirish/*" initializers. When I came to uploading, seems nothing is working, meaning, looks like the mcu is stuck initializing, even the led on PA15 won't blinking.
I am a newbie in stm32s', so this is my first project. I appreciate a hint what is going wrong here.


Have you confirmed that the hardware works, using software generated "any way you're comfortable with"? Does the internal bootloader actually upload code?

Trying to debug several things at once is ... frustrating.

Hi @westfw. Yes, I’ve successfully uploaded the firmware that was taken from the previous version of the board*.
Unfortunately I have only .bin file of an old firmware... Nevertheless it works with no problems on this configuration

*- the board I develop is a version 2 of an old one, that missing some features.

Why are you messing around with making a new variant and wirish initializers? STM32duino already has support for the STM32F103VC.