Cut char with separator not working


I'm currently trying to cut a char into several pieces of text.

void setup() {


  char data[] = "test,ca,va?,,test";

    char sep[] = ",";


  String *liste;

  liste = cutString(data,sep);





String * cutString(char data[],char sep[]){


  int number = 0;

int size = String(data).length();


  for (int i = 0; i < size; i++){


      number ++;



String * list;

char *d = strtok(data, ",");


int i =1;

while (d != NULL) {

       d = strtok(NULL, ",");

       list[i] = String(d);





return list;



void loop() {

  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:



There is my code.

Everything works fine in the cutString function (when i do serial print, I retrieve what I want), but when called, I think there is something wrong, as nothing appears in serial monitor, and no build issue.

Can you help me please ?

Thanks you a lot !

I'm compiling for nodemcu 0.9 esp8266

String * list;




Crazy mix of Strings and strings.
Why initialize the serial device more than once?I

Not really an installation issue, is it?

@mistano, your topic has been moved to a more suitable location on the forum. Installation and Troubleshooting is not for problems with (nor for advise on) your project :wink: See About the Installation & Troubleshooting category.

I tried to do some things to debug my code, but I didn't removed these modifications. At the begining, I wanted to have a function taking a char input, a char separator, to return a list of all separated characters.

I agree with you that I did crazy things here, but I was very lost with all of that. Can you help me do it the good way please ?


Thank you a lot for that, I will go to check that


#define MAX_TOK   10
char **
cutString (
    const char *str,
    const char *sep )
    static char *tok [MAX_TOK];
    char  s[80];

    strcpy (s, str);

    tok [0] = strtok (s, sep);
    for (int n = 1; n < MAX_TOK && NULL != (tok [n] = strtok (NULL, sep)); n++)

    return tok;

void setup () {
    Serial.begin (9600);

    char **p = cutString ("test,ca,va?,,test", ",");

    while (*p)
        Serial.println (*p++);

void loop () {

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