D4184 PWM mosfet voltage regulation

Is it possible to regulate the PWM mosfet D4184 voltage 0-12V? If so, what will the script look like? I use ESP32. I would like to regulate the speed of a 12V fan, which has only plus and minus.

Make sure that the FET is a logic level N channel MOSFET.
Then the control looks like:

analogWrite(pwmPin, pwmValue);// pwmValue 0 - 255

If you mean the AOD4184A device, its logic level for 5V, but not 3.3V, so a gate-driver chip is needed for use with a 3.3V chip like the ESP32. The load goes between +12V supply and the MOSFET drain, MOSFET source goes to ground.

I have PWM MOSFET modul D4184.

This looks to be the schematic for the module. So the question is, is 3.3V enough to drive the optocoupler?

Here is [the data sheet for the EL617 optoisolator](file:///C:/Users/DaD/AppData/Local/Temp/DPC-0000271%20_EL617-G%20series%20datasheet_rev2.pdf).

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