Bless. Anyone out there has any experience with a DAC0800. I bought it just to start doing some experiments, as i use arduino to some sound generation of sorts, so if anyone can give me some guiding lights,id apreciate ( Links, projects, even if not related that use the DAC0800, etc) Thanks in advance !!

I’ve used DAC0808, it’s current out, too, but not differential. Add a transconductance transimpedance amp1 (I-to-V converter) and you have 0-5V in 256 steps, a lot fewer support components than shown2 for the '0800.

1 http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj118/new_clear_days/IN13/DAC_bargraph.jpg

2 application notes and circuits for Single Supply Operation Of The Dac0800 And Dac0802

correction 18 May

Do you mind elaborating on that OTA use ?!?

Oops - [u]transimpedance[/u], not transconductance; it [u]is[/u] current to voltage. The DAC's output is current, but only in/to a low resistance load. The opamp's output voltage is directly proportional to the current in, with gain. So with that pot you can tweak the output a bit. It requires a -5V rail.

Yeah makes sense now. Not the kinda thing really wanted for arduino , tbh. Ill leave it to another project. Just ordered a MCP4725 http://proto-pic.co.uk/breakout-board-for-mcp4725-i2c-dac/ . Thanks for your help anyway

Yes, the DAC08s are bygone tech.

Those are pretty neat little devices you linked.