Data Logger Shield with DS3232RTC

Not sure if this is the right forum to pose this question:

Does anyone have any information regarding the availability of an SD data logger shield complete with a DS3232RTC and not a DS1307RTC suitable for direct plugging in to an Arduino Uno?

All the ones I am aware of use the DS1307RTC which becomes quite inaccurate over time.


I think the way you get that is by making your own. With the exception of the standard W5100 Ethernet shield, you rarely get exactly what you want with a store-bought shield. You just get what other people think you want.

Yes it is disappointing as it means an extra pcb. I thought it would be a no brainer for some enterprising manufacturer to do this. It could also be that there are squillions of these in stock that need to be used up before an improved type is made available.

A proto board is fine for this sort of thing - unless you have some flash PCB facility to hand.

Hmmmm...... Thanks Nick.

I will look further into this.