DC motor quadrature encoder

I have a Dc motor wired to an Arduino Uno and need to convert the counts of the encoder to an angle. All I know about the motor is that it has a ratio of 120:1 and a incorporated quadrature encoder. I can get the motor to move just not output as an angle.

#include <Encoder.h>
#include <MsTimer2.h>

Encoder myEnc(2, 3);

volatile long position = 0;

void EncoderTimer()
  position = myEnc.read();

void setup() {
  Serial.println("Encoder Start:");

  MsTimer2::set(10, EncoderTimer); // 50ms period

void loop() {

How many encoder pulses per output shaft revolution?

And you have not provided a single piece of information that would enable anyone here to help you....

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