DC Motor + Transistor


i’m newer. I want to made simple controller for my motor. Around the web i find hundred and hundred arduino’s example about this. But i have a problem. The motor turns when i plug to the batteries (2 batteries 1.2v), but didn’t turns with the transistor.

The simple schema used is this:

I tried to move the motor, int he schema, before the transistor but the result is the same. The motor didn’t rotate.

Can someone help me?

p.s. Sorry for my english.

Modify your post, click Addiotional Options at the bottom, Browse to your locally stored file, and Attach it. Once we can see the pic, we can offer help.

With an NPN transistor the load (ie, the motor) should be on the collector side, between + and the collector, and the emitter to ground.

Have a look at this schematic.

Don't forget the diode.

Is the diode important?? I know that the diode offerse secutiry in the circuit, but that all.

Diode keeps the transistor from getting destroyed when you turn the motor off - as is stops spinning, it creates current that the diode will dissipate back into the motor. Otherwise, that current creates a high voltage that destroys the transistor.