Dear Bull Engineer, re motors and drivers

You've got threads going, and been participating in others' threads, all over the place, basically asking the same question. I suspect that's pissing some people off...

Here's the thing. A motor needs the right voltage and current to run. Usually the voltage is known, and we talk of a "12V motor" or a "6V motor". The current is often less well known for a particular motor, but is no less important.

This request, where you piggy backed an existing thread where MarkT said in the post immediately above yours, that it's down to current:

If i have 12V motors and I want to it to be a dual H-bridge what spec H-bridge should I get.

.... is ignoring the current issue. You have to know both the required voltage and the stall current so you can spec a driver. Then you scan down a list like, but not limited to, this one to get a match for both.

Can we put this to bed now? Please?