12v 1.5A h-bridge options?

hi, i'm using a L295N driver for my 12V 1.5A DC motor right now but its too big for my project using these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XMFLSPB at 12V. on amazon, the only replacement option i can find is this
it will handle the 12v but not 1.5A. the max rating is .8A.

do you think i could double up channels to get required current? i.e. use both A and B channels in parallel to drive 1 motor?

or is there a better option?


Both of those drivers are kind of dated. Modern drivers are much more efficient.

Pololu has a wide range of modern DC motor drivers.

You must pick a motor driver based on motor supply voltage and the motor stall current. Stall current can be many times the running current. The motor will draw stall current, briefly, every time that it starts. Until you know the stall current you cannot, intelligently, choose a driver. The stall current should be listed on the motor data sheet. If not, one can estimate the stall current. Measure the motor winding resistance. Take several measurements rotating the motor a bit between readings. Use the lowest reading in the calculation. The estimated stall current is the motor supply voltage divided by the measured resistance.

Drivers using silicon transistors will burn, first one, then the second, because the transistors will not share the current equally.
MOSFET transistors can be used in parallell but it requires reasonable well matched transistors.
Also note the importance of knowing the stall current, as said by @groundFungus.

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