Debouncing interrupt using 74HC14 Hex Schmitt Trigger Inverter IC

I have been following Jeremy Blum's Tutorial 10 on debouncing interrupt signals. My best attempt at replication his circuitry is available for download here. With minimal circuit diagram skills I have been unable to interpret the ones given, and attempts to contact Jeremy directly have been unsuccessful, so I bring my plea here.

Two things:

  1. Is my on-board circuit correct?
  2. To which pins on the Arduino UNO do I connect the Red, Green, and Blue leads (off the breadboard)?

Red to +5v
Blue to GND
Green to pin 2 or 3 on UNO if you insist on using interrupts.

You should use a decoupling capacitor (100nf) pin 14 to pin 7 of the I.C.

For a regular push button switch like that you do not need to use interrupts to read them effectively.

Thanks LarryD - That's great.

Am I to assume that the circuit is correct?


Don't forget to connect the 5 unused inputs to GND or 5V.

It flies, LarryD, it flies! :grinning:

It flies, LarryD, it flies!

Should've tied those pins! :fearful:

Well, that was easy...