Debugging MKR 1010 with Atmel ICE SWD

I was hoping to use the Atmel ICE debugger with the MKR 1010, however it seems the connector on the MKR board is considerably smaller than the small 50 mil connector on the Atmel ICE.

I’ve spent a ton of time googling this, and cannot find anything specific to the MKR 1010. I did find something called a “PSoc 4” that looks similar. (see search results for swd “5 pin”) but no matching cable.

Does someone know what the cable is called, and where I can find an adapter to use the Atmel ICE with the MKR 1010?

See attached for the black 50 mil connector cable from the Atmel ICE, just above the white 5 pin connector on the board (actually it looks like a 10 pin connector, with only 1 row of pins actually there)


Actually, that white connector is apparently not the J2 for SWD! Fortunately, the MKR boards appear to have a standard (yeah!) SWD on the underside, as shown for this MKR-Zero as noted here:

Ya, a bit of soldering is needed. I bent and trimmed the pins of 2 sets of 3 snap-apart headers, inserted them in a 6 pin header, and soldered to board. Note that the squid-cable will still be needed.

thanks @Federico_Vanzati ! :slight_smile:

edit: I’ve written a blog post on debugging the MKR 1010 with the Atmel ICE here:


Karma for the good write up...Not enough material on the SWD side of things.