[Solved] Pinout of MKR1000 J3 connector?


I am about to revive my MKR1000 by flashing a new bootloader with Atmel Studio 7 and the ATMEL-ICE programmer.

As the 10-pin programming port on the MKR1000 seems to have no indication of pin 1 whatsoever: what is the correct orientation to plug the programming connector from the ICE? Red wire towards the WiFi module or opposite?

[Solution] the red wire (pin 1) has to be closest to the silver WiFi module.

I tried it, was fortunate the chip was not fried when having it wrong at the first attempt and succeeded with the second :slight_smile:

Hi, actually you can't burn it :slight_smile: the ATMEL ICE LED becomes green when connections are right and red otherwise so don't worry. The ATMEL ICE doesn't apply a voltage to power the chip, but it just senses it