Hi :)

It's my first post on arduino forums :) I wanted to share with you my recent experiment integrating arduino, processing and supercollider.

Take a look: ( link in following post since I'm nit allowed to post links in the first post :/ )

Circut consists of 2x 4051 analog muliplexers and 10 photoresistors. Input values are pushed to Processing via serial communication. Processing is then responsible for generating visuals and sending commands to SuperCollider (sound synthesis environment) server via osc protocol.

Cheers :)!

here is the link mentioned above:

That is really cool. What are you going to use it for?


It's just an experiment, built for fun and learning things such as multiplexing and SuperCollider sound synth. Nevertheless I do have some more advanced concepts in my mind and that's just one of the first steps ;)


I would really love to someone DJ with something like that.

The ambient light of a party combined with the DJ casting shawdows on the device. I would be getting down with it :D