Decide of blood pressure sensor!

Hi everyone! I'm making a real time blood pressure monitoring system using arduino mega. i wanna know which sensor i should use for sensing the blood pressure both systolic and diastolic and that sensor should be compatible with zigbee module because blood pressure value has to be uploaded on a database system wirelessly. If anyone is interested in this field or project kindly let me know what should i do ? is there are blood pressure module available which i can directly conect to arduino and zigbee and can get value of Blood Pressure on data base system?

There are projects and shields for a blood pressure meter,188804.0

The blood pressure meters are not very complicated, just an air pump and a cheap pressure sensor. It is the tuning and the mechanical part that makes it hard to get an accurate result. Some cheap blood pressure meters stop measuring when a heart misses a beat.

What kind of cuff do you want to use ? How many times will you measure the blood pressure ?

Let's say the maximum is 200 mmHg, that is 0.27 bar and 27 kPa. For safety, I would use a pressure sensor that can do 250 mmHg, that is 0.33 bar and 33kPa.

You can check this blood pressure monitor hack.

If it is allowed to used an off the shelf blood pressure monitor, then it will make your development easier.

carlrowan: it will make your development easier.

If OP didn't finish the development in 5.5 years, they never will....