Deciphering TFT display acronyms

Hi total noob following steps in a tutorial below:

I have my TFT display, but the pin acronyms don't match those listed in the tutorial.

Is there somewhere these are explained so I can figure it out myself?

My TFT here:


Specification: Material:LCD Screen Color:Red Model:
SPI Standard: 1.44 inch
Resolution:128 x 128
Driver chip: ILI9163
Dimension:45 x 33 x 5mm/1.77 x 1.3 x 0.2"(L x W x T)

Is anyone able to advise how I should be connecting this? (IE what pins map to what in the tute)

Thank you

These are the likely meanings of the pins:

SCK -> SPI Clock
A0 -> usually called D/C (Data/Command toggle) - connect to digital out
RESET -> connect to digital out
CS -> chip select. Connect to Arduino SS or tie to ground
LED -> usually a digital line, but can potentially be the power supplying the backlight LEDs