Designing a header interface tft modules and serial communication header ports


I want to design a dev board for my experiments and testing.

I'm thinking on putting all the displays I have which are:

  1. OLED SSD1306
  2. GLCD 128x64
  3. 4" tft
  4. 3.5" tft
  5. 2.8" tft

Then adding multiple interfaces for serial communication; like, SPI, I2C and UART for sensors and modules. And duplicating a certain communication protocol 2-3 times. So 2x SPI headers, 3x I2C headers and 1x UART headers.

I've done some work on easyada:

One issue I can think of now, is that I have to set a separate SPI pin for each module. I'm thinking of using PCF8574T which would give me 8 CS pins.

What you think ? Any recommendations ?

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