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Hi, like many pc gamers...especially sim users I have several button boxes, some are used as a default menu navigation box, some are game specific, all my 5 boxes were built around Arduino Leonardo boards and yes i know the id codes may be different but they are all called Arduino Leonardo, the big problem dont go by vid or pid codes they go by names, or in the case of a well known racing game( cough cough ACC) it see`s Arduino Leonardo 1, 2 and 3, now i have my boxes connect to a powered usb hub, in this hub i connect 3 arduino boxes, my g27 racing wheel and a usb touch pad.

For the game specific box( the big one) i used 3 versions acc/ets2 and f1 2020....i also keep them to the same hub port, now these 3 boxes are all based on 32 buttons but one of the boxes uses 4 rotary dials, i have button profiles set in the specific games, anyway back to acc....if i switch out the big box from ets2 to acc and start the game all my controls...including the presets for my other permanent boxes aswell as my wheel are completely messed and have to in the case of acc retune 40 functions in the games options.

I have read that changing the device name is a breach of copy right which i get but these boxes are not used for public use and they are not for resale, im aware that the there is a work around but there are a lot of big hoops to jump through to get it to work and i have zero experience as all my button boxes were either prebuilt or built to my request, so im asking for the ability to alter(not remove) the device name, from what i under stand Arduino IDE has the ability to write the bootloader from a txt file....if that is correct surely it is possible to dump the bootloader from the device and covert said file to an editable file.

Hopefully this message reaches the right someone that has the ability to make this make this posible...not just for me but for the thousands of sim racers faced with the same problem.

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I don't think that the boot loader is relevant as it is not active while your code is running.

Is it not the bootloader that determines the device id and name

As said, the boot loader is not active when your sketch runs.

You can dig through Renaming Issues in Arduino Leonardo.

Well what determines the devices name "Arduino Loanardo"....thats what i want to change, ive checked other threads and youtube vids and alot of people have this issue.

Did you read the thread in reply #4?

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