DFRobot MSGEQ7 with MAX9814 microphone and Arduino

I want to use an MAX9814 microphone to pick up sound/music and relay that to the MSGEQ7 and then to an Arduino to then make a WS2812 music visualizer. The MAX9814 has 1 OUT, which I guess transmits the sound to the next step or device, but the MSGEQ7 has and L and R input. I dont know how to remedy this. Can I or Should I just split the single output from the MAX9814 and split it into two and connect it to both L and R or should I just do one of the inputs? if so, which one? Pictured below are the MAX9814 microphone I Want to use instead of the 3.5mm jack configuration that is pictured in the other diagram of then MSGEQ7. As you can see, the msgeq7 has the L and R inputs but the MAX9814 has only 1 OUT. what do I do


You can just use one input. As to which one, flip a coin.

but the MSGEQ7 has and L and R input.

No it doesn’t. That board might have two but the chip only has one. The board mixes the two inputs together before feeding it into the one input of the chip. So don’t worry about just using one audio input.