Diferences between L293D and L298N

Hello guys, i'm here now to ask you the diferences betwen the said models of DC drivers. I would like to make a car controlled by mobile phone via Bluetooth and i want to know what driver is better. Thank you all.

Have you downloaded and studied the datasheets for the two devices ?

What part do you not understand ?


You will have to define "better" before there can be an answer.

Anyway you are going about this back-to-front. You first design the mechanics and size the motor(s)
adequate to the task, then you worry about motor drivers, as by then you'll know what your
requirements are. Otherwise you're choosing the fuel pump before deciding whether the
vehicle is a scooter or a truck!

The L293 is a small 16 dip motor driver. It can handle up to about 600mA at 12V. The L298 is bulkier and is in a Multiwatt-15 package. It can handle 2A per motor (2 motors). For the rest of the info, read the datasheet.
EDIT Are you using a Android phone? If so, Kas has a nice app for controlling Arduino stuff. Search "Android Bluetooth Commander". Or "Joy BT Commander".