L293D IC Power Rating


So I am controlling two motors via bluetooth. This works fine with two 3vDC motors however they do not provide enough torque to move two trolleys I am trying to move along using a rack and pinion.

I have no been given a 48vDC motor which moves the trolley along nicely (I still need to source another). I have only tested this motor connected up to an 18v drill battery (not via the bluetooth module)

My question is will I be able to pass the 18v required to power the motor through my circuit, can my L293D IC handle 18v? I have attached the specifications of the module as I can not decipher it.

My setup is based on this tutorial

Thank you very much for reading.

L293D.pdf (86 KB)

The 293 datasheet that you posted the link to, says it can handle a supply voltage of Vs= 36V.

But you'll also need to check the specs of those motors for current and compare that to the datasheet's max stated 1.2 each channel.