Difference between 2 different Hall Sensor's

The following are the different Hall Effect Sensor's i have with me i wanted to know the difference in operation of these Sensors:

1)HALL Effect Sensor-A3290XUA. 2)HALL Effect Sensor-MH183 (Unipolar).

273 posts and you still can’t post a link?


http://www.rhydolabz.com/documents/datasheets/A3290XUA.pdf (ompnipolar)

i think i got it till some extent the unipolar turns on with south pole in presence and turns off if goes far away

and omni polar needs one pole to get activated ON and other to get OFF

i think i got it

That's the way I read the pages, too.

The unipolar one has its hysteresis all on the south pole polarity, on by 25mT, off by 5mT. Bipolar Hall switches have their hysteresis loop straddling zero field. The skewed unipolar sort allow operation when the magnet does not turn round but just goes away some distance leaving a residual field of the same polarity.

i have a magnet that you also had a look on in the post (DOES THIS MAGNET.......?) but the problem is with it im not able to make the unipolar sensor work. also with both the sensors (unipolar and omnipolar given 5v from board itself) the magnet needs to be brought very near to them in order to make them switch, so i think i may use more voltage on them as they are build to handle 5-24 volt