Difference between bluesmirf, HC-05, Rfduino?

I am working on a project in which I need two arduinos to communicate with one another and I also need to communicate with the arduinos through an iphone app.

I have done some research and keep coming across the same Bluetooth devices. What are the differences between the Bluesmirf, HC-05, and Rfduino? Which would work best for my project? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

through an iphone app.

In that event you can definitely scratch the HC-05 as it is incompatible with IOS. and perhaps the Bluesmirf too. I understand Rfduino is kosher but you need to check that. If it is BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy" it should be OK.

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know i'm working on hc05 to connect mindwave mobile but it is not connecting so anyone is by hc05 we can connect mindwave mobile or not
if it's not y because by bluesmirf we can connect mindwave mobile
what extra feature it has like it can connect to mindwave mobile