Digitally Controllable 30-40V 5A Power Supply/Converter?

Hi everybody,

I am working on a project where I need high current delivered to heat the load which changes its resistance. I need a controllable power supply, so that I can monitor both current and voltage (necessary for monitoring the resistance of the load), while also being able to set their values to what I need.

For testing purposes I am currently using DPM8605 controllable power converter with which I communicate through an Arduino. With this power converter I am able to set both current and voltage limits as well as monitor the current and voltage at any given point, and also turn the power on and off. The problem is that this power converter has an unnecessary display, is 60V max, and is quite bulky. Ideally, I am looking for something of similar capabilities, slightly safer in terms of max Voltage and more compact, but without it being a black box, so that I can later put all the components and the Arduino onto my own circuit board.

Any advice on what should I look into, or any similar products?

Just so we don't waste our time doing the same searches as you have done, what vendors have you looked at and which devices have you eliminated?


I actually haven't found any similar devices. I have looked at other Juntek's products (company which produces DPM power converters) but haven't found anything similar. I've been recommended DPS5005, but that once still has a screen and the original firmware doesn't support communication. I have also looked into a lot of different buck converters, but didn't find any of them that were controllable.

I am currently looking into hacking a LM2596 power converter but that one is 3A, while ideally I need 5A max.

Other than that, I haven't found anything of much use :frowning:

There are a few methods for higher current pwm (which is what you seem to be describing)

You seem to be describing a VFD (variable frequency drive)
These come in many flavours with some quite high current ratings.
Prices also vary (wildly) so some diligence in choosing would be up to you.

Always allow room for extra current capability as inrush / startup can be more than the running load.
Some more detail; from you may help.

Some cheaper options HERE

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