Dirt bike bluetooth helmet

So I'm trying to put a speaker and a microphone on my motorcycle helmet and either connect them to a bluetooth module to my phone so that I can call other people and I can talk to them while riding my dirt bike, or just somehow connect the mic and speaker directly to my phone somehow. I was planning on putting the speaker behind the padding near my ears on the helmet and the mic attached to the bottom on the helmet near my chin. I haven't coded or used arduino in a while and don't know what mics or speakers to use or how I would code this at all.

I'm aware that there are devices that can do this for me like a sena, but a sena is way too expensive and I thought this would be the cooler route.

Speaking as an old racer, I would caution you about modifying your helmet. The helmet made with communication built in may be expensive, but they are carefully engineered to be safe. Please reconsider.

I'm worried I'll break them though because they are on the outside of the helmet. Do you know of any on only on the inside in case I fall?

How about wearing ear buds instead of using speakers. No helmet mods that way.

Yeah but they tend to fall out and are a pain to get back in with the helmet on. I've been looking at alternatives to a sena and will probably just get one of those but thanks for the help.