Display for outdoor


I search a color screen for arduino to put outdoor (4.3" or 5")
I make a progrmmater for my swimming pool (temperature, PH ...)


Just use a standard "1602" or "2004" LCD with a backlight.

You need to put a hood over it to keep off the sun (and need I say it, in a weatherproof case with a transparent front). It's not just a matter of reading it, but protection from the sun.


4.3" and 5" screens are very expensive and slow with 8 Bit hardware.
Color is also an issue: Usually Color TFTs are not very readable in sunlight.

My personal suggestion is to use a reflective monochrome display.
Reflective means: No backlight, just use the sun itself for the ilumination.

@Paul__B: There are several concepts for LCDs. 1602/2004 displays are also available as reflective variants. These displays will be great without keeping away the sun.

A monochrome reflective graphics display can be controlled by 8 Bit Arduinos and is perfectly readable in direct sunlight.
I personally found the DOGS102N to be one of the best outdoor / sunlight displays:

Disadvantage: It is not very big.


Here is an overview on the different LCD types:

Is the 4.3" or 5" the vertical or the horizontal size?

Temperature and Ph are numeric values. A seven segment display will work.

For daylight visibility at long ranges, an LED may provide better contrast than an LCD.

Have you considered seven segment LED displays like KINGBRIGHT SC40-19SRWA or the YSD-1100AR7B-15 (6.5"!).

I've made my own 10" displays using discrete LEDs and an M5450 controller. The electronics is simple but this can be mechanically difficult.