DIY LED Garden light project

Hello Everyone on Arduino Platform,

I am new to this environment and still getting information and learning about how do I get things organised for my DIY Project with Arduino.

Please see attached proposed image of my DIY Project I have thought to work on and advise your valuable feedback and input to improve my project within my budget.

My Plan:

  1. To connect all 35 LED Polls using WS2815 12v LED strips cuttings using electric cable
  2. I would like to program each LED Poll with different colors manage by Wifi App on the phone
  3. Also to change colors, dimming and brightness feature will be included.

Please reply me with what are the list of items I will require to start working on this.

Any suggestions or improvement or ideas are welcome for this project. Your help will be much appreicated.


Nitesh Panchal.

First identify the poles and how they are controlled to make them change colour , then you can work out how to do this with the Arduino .

You can also work out how to do the WiFi bit separately , but a shield and write some code to get that bit working .

parts needed
WS2815 12v LED strips
WiFi enabled microprocessor, a NANO-33 IoT, ESP32, etc
power supply

wire the WS2815 12v LED strips on the bench and get them to work
add the WiFi and your phone and get that to work.
put the WS2815 12v LED strips on the poles, wire them together and Bob's your Uncle !

Not specified how many LEDs (or more precisely, WS2815 chips) per pole, and what the distance between poles may be.

In any case, will need heavy power cables to reticulate even at 12 V without troublesome loss. Power cabling needs to be a complete loop so there is no "free end".

The distance of the data line - always running tightly bundled with the power cable and strip return - between poles may be a concern. Need a 330 Ohm resistor in series with the data in point of each strip.

WiFi modules need a level converter (74HCT14 easiest) to drive the data for WS2815s. Might even be worth considering multiple ESP-01s with their cheap support module.

This should allow them to independently operate from the 12 V rail (but may need heatsink on the LM1117).

as with all projects they start with a first step.

get any micro and a group of WS2815 chips
along with a power supply for the chips.

separate them as you would the poles and get them two work
work out the bugs in software and get your phone working as you can

adding more lamps per pole will alter the power, but the idea will expand.
you could make the poles with a way to use the pole as the weather cover, then some of the work would be easier.

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