DIY NeoPixel v/ Arduino - How to connect it to a Philips Hue Bridge?

Hello folks,

I've bought several 144 strips, a driver and a few different makes of arduinos, trinkets and MCU's. And I wonder; how can I connect them to my Philips Hue Bridge so as to control them from my Hue app.

Right now, I have tried to search for the obvious on Google (Neopixel Hue Bridge, Arduino Light Link, Zigbee Neopixel, etc.), but cannot seem to find any useful information. All I have read so far is how to control the Bridge using a Arduino, not connect to it.

I feel a bit lost, and I hope someone here could shed some lights for me ;)

If anyone could point me in the direction of some libraries, or turorials, or maybe have some experience themselves. I would be grateful!

Here is what I have available to me:

  • 144 NeoPixel 1m LED strip
  • Trinket Pro 5v (ATtiny85)
  • NodeMCU (with ESP8266MOD wifi module)
  • Arduinos of different models (none with wireless)
  • resistors, cables and the likes.

Edit: I have found this, but it does not do much so far.


I'm not sure if I ask the right questions?