Do you like the new forum?

Autoclose is especially useful here (or it will be in a few months when it’s working) because there are so many users who join, ask a question, get an answer and then vanish forever.

At the moment, there are many zombie threads being posted to asking the OP for details and the chances of them actually replying are slim to none. Autoclose will filter that noise out.

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On SMF we asked users wanting to add to a closed topic to use “Report to moderator” to ask for it to be reopened.

The equivalent here would probably to flag the topic and the “Something else” category could be used for the purpose

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Some replies appear twice, I think it happens when someone clicked the “Reply” button that comes with every message.
Screendump #1080 - #1082: (

I’m new to the Arduino world, slowly trying to learn.
The forums are unusable on older browser engines. Pages appear blank - nothing is rendered, although there appears to be some content in the DOM inspector.
I think it was working before, but now this mobile-like layout is a total mess.

There are tons of users with older systems - not everyone is able to smoothly run the resource hog which is Chrome (or its newest clone FireFox).

Add a fallback for older engines!


The software is written for HTML 5, including CSS 3 as well as SCSS (a superset of CSS3). I don’t think it will ever work in any older browser…
PS.: I’m curious, can you please show a screendump?

I’d like that too. Clean old-fashioned HTML, without all the fancy stuff, just pure readable text.

<h1>Arduino Forum</h1>
<h3>Do you like the new forum?</h3>
<h4>Erik Baas, April 24th 2021, 18:31.</h4>
<p>This is all you need to show text.</p>
 .. etc..

Sure, have a look:

The leftmost is Serpent52 (XP fork of Basilisk), the other two are New Moon 27 (XP fork of Pale Moon), both can be found at the MSFN forums . I am using the ia32 and SSE builds respectively.
The right-most window is archive of the same topic page from 2017 under older forum software. Unfortunately, the corresponding URLs are totally different (even the topic ID), so a current page can’t be easily mapped to an archive.

As you can see in the middle window, nothing of the page content is rendered - it’s completely blank.

I’m sure there are, but only few use them to go on the internet i hope. At least i never go online with my XP-partition, there haven’t been any security updates and getting a reliable virusscanner is a hassle.

Yep, i don’t think it should be noted at the end, and definitely not in that size.

It doesn’t.

You possibly clicked the button in the left bottom in below screenshot.

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The double reply bug also has me curious.

Clearly its a bug as it is showing both a continuation of a thread where the respondent hit the reply aiming at a specific poster (as was the case you show with my post) and the reply as a semi disjointed reply later in the page.

That is the only reason I can think of so clearly needs to be looked at. if that is the case.

Indeed, I did. That’s what it’s there for, isn’t it?

Click the arduino-green button, not the grey-ish button at the post itself.
The latter will create something like a quoted reply (which i think is totally useless and waste of real-estate).

It is far from useless if you cannot otherwise tell which post the reply belongs to

Sorry, but the way it was before was more than enough for me.
It was a clickable reference to the post, not a snippet of the post showing the same content multiple times, possible at the same page.

Looking at my reply to your comment, which I deliberately did using the “reply to comment” option, I see

The post that the reply belongs too only appears if I click the arrow symbol

Do you see something different ?

I KNOW!!! Just trying to show how cripple this software is!

I see that post, and with this answer’s preview i can’t see it but expect it to appear.
You probably selected some of my post so not all of it was copied, but that’s guessing.
As before i don’t like a complete quote in an answer if the post is visible on the same page (i know the new software presents topics as 1 gigantic page), except when you expect the author of the replied message to change or erase that content.

…And now i’m puzzled because i expected to see UKHeliBob’s last reply embedded in this one…

I didn’t select any of your post, rather I used the Reply button to the right of your post

I suspect that you are confusing selection of some or all of a post then clicking the pop up “Quote” button, which I did not do

Try it yourself. Click the Reply button on this post when you reply to it

I did.
This is the second attempt.

Did what ?
There is no link to the quoted post showing