Do you like the new forum?

I don’t see anything that would require users to actually learn and use the markdown language.
They will look for the icon to do what they need and if they don’t see it easily they will simply revert to poorer posts without the effect they looked for.

Underline and strikethrough are common enough features to be included as standard as icons for ease of use.



Uh oh. With coloured text, these colours just disappeared and reverted to black/grey. How has strike-through been handled in the migration ? Just losing the strike-through could have significantly altered the intended meaning of a part of a post. I can’t think of any examples to check.

There is and I knew there was and I knew that you had used it. Why did you use the button instead of entering the Markdown code I wonder ?

How do you know that?

I think @Robin2 had some texte with strikethrough in his nRF24l01 tutorial

seems some stuff appears in red highlight

this seems to be the del tag within angle brackets <>

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Could someone clarify the New and Unread indicators for me. Let’s suppose I am tracking the Project Guidance sub-category, and on my previous visit I “dismissed” any remaining New or Unread items. But on returning to Project Guidance a day later, there are numbers beside both indicators. I assumed New includes both new topics and all new replies to old topics - since my previous dismissal. Is that right, or does it mean something else? But then what’s included in Unread? I’m sorry to be dense about this stuff. Just trying to figure it out.

So, according to the ‘Understanding Discourse Trust Levels’ blog, it appears that I will forever be at Trust Level 1 simply because I refuse to participate in the “like” nonsense.

I’ve been here for more than a dozen years, I think I deserve better than that.



Never mind. Have a like from me!

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Thanks, but you have to cast a like as well…


Actually Per, you are right, I didn’t know it, but you were the one that referred to the button on the toolbar

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The red highlighting could be misleading, implying the unwanted text is important. I don’t think I have used it very often, fortunately.

agreed :wink:

I’m guessing changing profile picture doesn’t work because it needs to be judged for appropriateness by some human.


I ask again.

For whom were all the modernisms i.e. likes, badges, achievements, special honors &c. added to the fora?

Not for meme.

Sign on three days in a row and get coins!


A bitcoin for each helpful answer :smiley:

@alto777, that is a good question. That mechanism is pretty useless for seasoned users hence the funny (or unamusing) effect of getting a new badge every day. They are actually designed for newcomers because they reinforce positive behavior and facilitate learning-by-doing. They usually help forum moderators in mitigating the inappropriate behavior from new users.
You can read more in this write up: The Gamification
So for the first days we will all be granted many badges, but of course this will settle after we reach the “normal user” state. We will definitely be able to fine-tune them after seeing how thing go.
In addition, there are the badges like Shannon Member, Faraday Member etc. which were ported from the old forum. They are mapped to number of posts. We’re going to post the scale very soon. :slight_smile:

Well, no! Everyone’s managing their profile pictures in a self-service way. Can you provide more details about the issue you’re seeing?

This could (should) have been part of the batch rules when porting user from the old forum to the new… save the frustration from the old timers or heavy contributors…

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Yikes. This seems more 1984 than 2021 to me.

I guess we all children now to you.

Good boy, thanks for the reply, srsly.


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