Do you like the new forum?

Almost perfect here on a PC :smiley:

I think that it works on a cell phone but a lot better on a PC :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

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Yahoo !!

The reply button on a post now serves as a response to someone in particular (actually to a particular post) this person gets a specific notification, it does serve a purpose though it sort of doubles up with quoting (which does not generate a notification i think… maybe hmmm) problem for me is, i hit the reply button, write the reply, my reply gets posted and my focus gets moved to my reply, whereas i was in the middle of a thread, and now i’ve lost where i was.
Maybe this is all because of this huge thread, i am getting into the habit of remembering the reply number, and now use the time bar rather than the side bar to scroll to the top (or bottom) it is not sensitive to dynamic content being loaded on either end.

As long as you are the only one thinking that, you have nothing to worry about.

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Thank you for listening to your users !

Now can you find the images that disappeared due to the conversion process to the new software?

Missing images through out the thread

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@ pert:

Forget about the github, please. I was on the wrong page.

However, I think that all topics about the new forum would be better here, because everything ends up on Gihub, not just questions about the new forum. Hardly anyone from the Arduino team can filter that.

Doing that would mean that it would not be obvious which previous reply the comment related to

Aaaand its kelibob again.

2021-04-16 at 13-22-51

What fun we are having !

Good catch! Yeah, that category was previously only for the newer Nanos but now that it’s more general I added a “Classic Nano” sub-category.
We miss also some other product categories there, will add them

Awesome job! Thank you :smiley:

Is the code window size fixed? I’m unable to expand the window like I used to on the old forum.

How does ‘solved’ work i.e. when does the solved check boxes appear in a post ?

A bit worried. Nobody wants to see their posts disappear because Akismet flagged them incorrectly as spam. Any chance that that might happen?

That’s an experiment! We enabled that button for all categories. Maybe we could remove it for some categories (like this one) which are not strictly focused on troubleshooting.
Basically, the person who initiated a given topic can pick a post and mark it as “solved”. This will be reflected with a check mark in the category view, and an excerpt of the solution is also included at the beginning of the thread. Moderators can mark solutions too.

Let’s see how it goes :slight_smile:

Akismet is only applied to users with Trust Level = 0, so newbies posting their very first messages

And the post numbering system (unlike that in the old forum) now survives post deletions without messing up the numbering of subsequent posts. This was a test of the deletion of post #_472

Going to my Arduino profile then selecting Messages from my Avatar drop-down, results in a broken link rather than going to my private messages page.

Good catch, thank you! I just configured a redirect for that and it works now

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