Do you like the new forum?

Do you mean like this?

I see the same blank page.

I use the Chrome browser’s built in translation feature constantly and never had a problem with that, but I guess doing it via Google Translate is not so good.

All text and other items (including this “Reply” box !) after the body of the last message on each page is jumping up and down while someone is replying. The text “</> replying…” appears and disappears every couple of seconds. I’m getting seasick.

Edit: [ tt ] tags don’t work anymore either. :frowning:

GT has always worked for me, this forum is the first to fail.

1: Who wrote this HTML code?

2: And where is the “Preview” button?

3: Edit: I found yet another problem, but I can’t post a new message. Computer says no: “No more than 3 consecutive replies are allowed.”
So then I tried to add some lines to this message. Computer says no: “You have a draft in progress for this topic.” Had to have that deleted before I could write this.

4: Just found out I can’t insert an empty line in my message.

Do I like the new forum? Guess…:frowning:

Does anyone write HTML code anymore? I thought that was exclusively the domain of the robots these days.

There’s no need for one. A live preview is shown on the right side of the post composer pane.

You’ll get three more now.

Seems reasonable.

If you’ll provide more details about the problem, we’ll see if we can help out.

Sorry to rehash the missing images in the Tip and Tricks thread ( Share tips you have come across ) but a huge number of the images cannot be seen using Google Chrome desktop version where as Google Chrome iPad version most of the images are back (still missing are ~100 images looking with the iPad).

This is becoming a real headache, can the web staff tell me if they are aware of the image conversion problem and if it is being worked on.

I have spent over two hours today working on the thread and if no one is working on solving the problem, it would appear I am just wasting my time with the web site.

I would hope we can push that as a priority in the morning as you are not the only one suffering.

Looked at a few posts that used pictures as the main source and they all suffer badly from the lack thereof.

@alranel @dax1

did you find fix ?

Confirmed on Firefox 87 (Win 10)

The script to fix missing images is already running. Given the amount of discussion in the forum it will take a while for all missing images to be restored.


do you have top menu ? or as on my screenshot. red square?

Maybe a color bar somewhere on the page? The Opera browser changes the color of the top of the page when ‘open in private window’ is selected.

new arduino forum public window

new arduino forum private window

Couldn’t say if something like that’s doable.

I get the following in EDGE
2021-04-19 at 10-42-36EDGE

2021-04-19 at 10-43-38 FF

2021-04-19 at 10-45-01 chrome

Only Chrome has any privacy type extensions installed.

Shoot it … sometimes, shotguns are the more efficent bug solvers :crazy_face:

A week with the new forum.

I think that I’m used to most of the differences; I might not always like them but I do not consider it a massive issue. The forum works well in Firefox on Win10 (though I would like < ctrl >F back to jump to the forum’s search). I have not spend a lot of time in Chrome on Android, but the first impression is that it is less user friendly than the PC version; I need to spend more time with it to find my way around and form a proper opinion.

Yes, it work (for me at least), it just takes a loooooong time, both for load the source and for reload the blanked page (probably one of the 25/30 fastidious preloaded .js files that each page throw in your browser, but i’m just guessing here)

Not yet, also with .js and java blocked, still the ugly endless scroll page … hope there’s a way for kill it, but fear that there is not a really working one …

I have no search bar on Safari.

I’m on a Mac and I’ve a search bar

(if this is what you call the search bar)

It might depend on the browser version if you get the full functionality; some posts seem to indicate that.