Does anybody have a sketch for a rubiks cube solver

Hey guys so im starting a Rubik's cube solver going for fast solves and i saw this video on youtube

basically going to copy this guys design i just need a sketch of the code and what parts i need so i can give my teacher a list of electronics and parts to get for me
so far my parts list is
Arduino Mega​

Six stepper motors​


There is a long thread on the robotics section of the forum on this topic: Rubik's cube Robot solver - Robotics - Arduino Forum

Here is an Instructable that may or may not address your project. It's literally made of popsicle sticks, and uses only two servo motors, amking the mechanics and coding much simpler. The high speed devices you see on the Tubes with six motors, do not use an Arduino as the brains. I've seen one that uses a Raspberry Pi, there are also machines that use Lego robot kits, that I think are pretty cool.

this looks pretty cool ARDUINO LINK

uses servos, not steppers,
uses 2 not 6
much-much slower than the OP linked.

but the first vid would seem to use a lot plastic and take a lot of time for the 3-D printing.